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Jeju Loveland

Tomla Mok Sok Won

Jeju Loveland
March 28, 2007

I went to Jeju island today along with my good friend and Jin's husband Yong Won.  Jeju-do (제주도) is SW off the coast of South Korea.  It's well known for it's "wind, woman, and stone."  It's similar to America's Hawaii for a tropical getaway and popular vacation spot.  I went there today because a friend of mine that works at Hustler magazine in Los Angeles wanted some photos from a sexy tourist place called Jeju Loveland.  The place was great.  There were many statues outside in sexy and comical poses.  The place is revolutionary considering that sex is an unspoken taboo subject to most Koreans.

The Jeju Loveland website says:

"In 2002, 20 artists, graduates of Hongik University in Seoul, began creating the sculptures at Jeju Loveland.  On November 16, 2004, Jeju Loveland, the only park of its kind in Korea, opened.  It showcases the 140 works of art created by the artists.  The exhibition halls are constructed from glass and resemble traditional Korea domes.  Each month exhibitions, showcasing the artistic styles of different Korean artists, are held in the exhibition halls.  Planning for future exhibitions is constantly underway by the professional staff of Jeju Loveland."

One of the coolest things I saw that day was when I left, a busload of Korean grandmothers entered the grounds and were laughing and cackling like teenagers.  It was great.  If you ever visit Korea, you must go to Jeju.  It's beautiful waters and sunny skies shouldn't be missed.

My favorite picture of the day that Yong Won took.

Yong Won and I at the Daegu airport, arriving in Jeju, and a spicy fish lunch in Jeju!

The entrance and some of the beginning statues.

Yong Won and I getting our freak on.


Superman love and happy ground!

Inside stuff and a happy dog.

Kissing couple and sex from around the world.  India, America, Greece, Africa, and Japan.

Some of my favorite.


These were titled "Masquerade."

The rest!

What I learned today about Korea:  1) I can now say that I've kissed and humped a statue.